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Pensions- und Finanzplanung

Wealth Management Services
Tailored Financial Solutions for Professional Athletes
Swiss hockey players making the move to the NHL (United States & Canada residencies) have unique financial needs, and so do American and Canadian hockey players and other professional athletes relocating to Europe. At FISC-Center GmbH, we understand the specific challenges and opportunities that come with the high-earning potential, short career spans, complex tax considerations, and cross-border asset management of professional athletes.
Maximizing Earning Potential
Both Swiss and North American athletes have the potential to earn significant amounts of money during their careers. The popularity and financial rewards associated with professional sports make specialized knowledge and expertise essential for managing substantial incomes and planning for long-term financial security.
Preparing for the Future
Professional athletes usually face a shorter career span compared to many other professions. The physically demanding nature of the sports and the risk of injuries can end a player's career prematurely. We help athletes maximize their earnings during their playing years and plan for financial stability beyond their active careers.
Navigating Tax Complexities
Understanding tax regulations is vital, especially for Swiss athletes earning income from various sources internationally or American and Canadian athletes managing complex tax laws within their countries. Our expertise ensures that they are well-informed about tax obligations and opportunities for optimization.
Expertise in Cross-Border Asset Management
Swiss athletes competing in North America or American and Canadian athletes playing in Switzerland face unique challenges in managing assets across different jurisdictions. We provide specialized advice to navigate currency exchange, international banking regulations, and tax implications for seamless asset management.
Smooth Post-Career Transition
When their active sports careers conclude, athletes face the challenge of transitioning into new careers or business ventures. We offer guidance in wealth preservation, investment diversification, and identifying business opportunities that align with their skills and interests.
Experience Personalized Asset Management
FISC-Center GmbH has been successfully managing the assets of our long-standing clients for over 20 years. We offer individual solutions tailored to their personal financial goals. Our independent asset management mandate ensures that their interests are at the forefront.
Partnership with Alpen Partners International
For American and Canadian clients or Swiss clients becoming U.S. Persons, we have partnered with Alpen Partners and Alpen Partners International. With required SEC registration and a Canadian License as a Portfolio Manager, they provide compliant solutions. Our contact, Christian Kamer, Managing Partner, ensures seamless service delivery.
The Advantages:
  • Compliant asset management solutions for U.S. Persons or Canada domiciled clients, as well as North American professional athletes seeking international investment diversification
  • Personal and long-standing asset managers for all wealth-related matters
  • Expertise in managing and preserving family assets
  • Full transparency and integrity in our services
  • Independent investment strategies tailored to your specific needs
  • Emphasis on quality, professionalism, and a holistic approach
  • Highly trained and experienced asset managers dedicated to your success
Charge of Their Financial Future
Just as skills and dedication have propelled professional athletes to success, they can take control of their wealth management journey by discovering the benefits of Swiss expertise in achieving financial goals.
Contact us today to learn more about how Swiss wealth management can enable professional athletes to navigate their financial future with confidence.
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